Archival Oils: Colour Wizards

Archival is the only patented oil in the world offering unsurpassed painting freedom, allowing long term flexibility and a safer working environment. Made from only the finest color pigments for their purity, brilliance and performance, Archival has been specially formulated to resist cracking and allows freedom of technique.

Archival Mediums are alkyd-based. Knowing which medium to use can improve your painting dramatically and make working with oils more controllable. Archival Mediums assist artists with various techniques and drying requirements. They are a healthier alternative to common mineral and gum turpentine based mediums because they are created using less toxic solvents to reduce the problem of toxic fume accumulation in the studio. Because artists have become more aware of the dangers associated with traditional toxic solvents, we have developed a range of low toxicity mediums.


Impressionist Painting Made Easy - 2009

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Published by International Artist in May, 2009
ISBN 1-929834-63-2

Throughout this book my aim is to make successful impressionist painting an attainable goal for students and artists so you can experience the joy of creating stunning paintings filled with light plus so much more.

  • Book 128 Pages

  • Featuring (12) workshop paintings in a (12) step-by-step process

  • Approximately 24 gallery images

  • Swatches of colours used at each stage of the painting

  • Includes a list of art materials required.


Creating Impressionist Landscapes in Oil - 2001

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